This season is the first season of Fanny's IRC Camps.

This season takes place at a crummy summer camp.


The logo for the first season


Fann Y. Fiction had a brilliant idea. He was going to recruit sixteen players to compete in a reality show that takes place right on the Internet. Here, these sxiteen players will all compete against each other in challenges in a place call the IRC. Every Thursday night, these users will come to the IRC to compete against eachother. In the first nine days, these sixteen players will be on two teams: The Bouncing Bunnies and the Dancing Ducks. After the ninth day, these teams will merge together and everyone will be on their own. During the merge, immunity will be up for grabs which keeps them safe from the vote. This keeps going on, till the players have been whittled down to two where anyone who was on the merge becomes the jury. They will place a jury vote for one of these two. The person with the most votes will win. Sound easy? It will be the complete opposite!


User Role
Fanfiction2010 Fanny/Kiki
Nduke Alexis
Tdi Angela
Zoomer72 April
Oatmeal- Brick
Heatherrocks Candice
Kenzen11 Char
Teddy10 Elenore
FameFlame Flame
TotalDramaNaruto Ichiro
Jake R Jake
Leshawnafan Keyshia
Xephoses Ky
Jaxswim Rosalyn
Vick0971 Tyker
Weblykinly Webly


  1. Welcome To Pilot
  2. The Mad Splatter
  3. Heck's Kitchen
  4. Family Crude
  5. Up a Creek Without a Paddle
  6. R.A.N.T. Farm
  7. Scaredy Brats
  8. Frosted Killa Beats
  9. Quadrille of the Windmill
  10. IRC Aftermath

Elimination TableEdit

Main article: Season One Elimination Table

Elimination OrderEdit

  1. Elenore - Didn't jump off the cliff, but people sympathized Rosalyn because she got chicken seasoning in her eyes. Plus, she was a complete spoiled brat.
  2. Ky - His team thought that he surrendered too easily and did nothing to contribute to challenges.
  3. April - Became a lot more annoying in the challenge that day and let her team down in the challenge. She also bragged that she knew she wouldn't be going home that night.
  4. Char - He called everyone on his team a 'dumbass' and failed to pull his team together in the challenge, even though he claimed that trivia was his strongspot.
  5. Keyshia - She wanted to sleep throughout the challenge and her team considered her useless during the challenge.
  6. Flame - He lost the challenge for his team when he blantly insulted Fanny's mom when he was supposed to complement her.
  7. Angela - Angela was thought of as a threat, and now that her alliance did not have the upper-hand, she was blindsided by her teammates.
  8. Rosalyn - Was eliminated when Ichiro told Jake to vote with him to vote Rosalyn because she was truly an idiot in a challenge. Rosalyn did not defend herself in the vote, as she voted for herself.
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