Cast of Pay No Attention To The Men Behind The Curtain
Character Role Season
Island Action World Tour
Vanessa Simms Field producer Main
Chris McLean Host, creator, producer Main
Shivohn Bauer Field producer Main
Billy Hoffman Field producer Main
Drake Axford Camerman, later field producer Main
Jesse Witt Cameraman Main
Mabel Buelow Assistant, later field producer Main
Marius Hatchet Therapist, co-host Main
Blaineley Andrews-O'Halloran Executive producer, later contestant Main
Robert Hoffman Field producer Guest Main

Contestant AssignmentsEdit

Contestant Season
Island Action World Tour
Heather Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa
Gwen Shivohn later Vanessa Vanessa Robert
Owen Billy Billy Billy
Duncan Billy later Robert Robert Robert
Leshawna Shivohn later Robert Robert Robert
Izzy Billy Billy Robert
DJ Vanessa Vanessa Drake
Lindsay Shivohn later Robert Shivohn Shivohn
Bridgette Vanessa Vanessa Shivohn
Harold Vanessa Robert Shivohn
Courtney Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa later Robert
Geoff Billy Billy
Trent Billy Billy
Beth Shivohn Shivohn
Justin Vanessa later Shivohn Shivohn
Cody Billy Billy
Tyler Billy Billy
Noah Vanessa Vanessa
Ezekiel Vanessa Shivohn
Eva Shivohn
Sadie Shivohn
Katie Shivohn
Alejandro Drake
Sierra Mabel
Blaineley Mabel