Dancing Ducks
Gender Male
Eliminated S1: The Mad Splatter
Place S1: 15th
Friends Brick
Hometown  ?
Played By Xephoses

Ky (The Silent) is a contestant on Fanny's IRC Camps. He was on the Dancing Ducks during the first season.


Season OneEdit

When Ky first arrived to the island in Welcome To Pilot, Ky didn't say much and leaned against a post and played his beloved saxophone. When Brick asked for someone to punch him in the gut, Ky gladly punched him, twice infact. Ky immediately took to hating Brick and continued on punching him throughout the day. When everyone left to go find a bunk, Ky stayed on the dock and randomly let his saxophone sink in the lake. When Ky heard that the challenge was on the cliff, he followed the contestants up it. When he found out it was jumping off a cliff, Ky didn't care and shrugged. He also didn't get the chance to jump off before his team was announced the winners.

In The Mad Splatter, Ky was still sleeping when all the drama was going on. Ky actually enjoyed the breakfast gruel and most of the contestants were appalled that Ky would like such digusting slop. During the challenge, Ky was made a deer. Once the game started, Ky immediately threw his hands up in surrender, wanting to get shot. Angela shot Ky, who gave her his thanks. When his team lost the challenge, a lot of the team was split between voting him and Brick. At the elimination ceremony, it was between him and Brick and Ky was eliminated. Before Ky left he told everyone a dark secret, the reason he was always silent is because he was homeless and his parents abandoned him. He said the show was his only chance because life sucked and he had given up on all hope. Ky eventually made friends with Brick, retrieved his saxophone from the lake, and played jazz all the way home till it couldn't be heard anymore.

Audition TapeEdit


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