Dancing Ducks
Gender Female
Eliminated S1: Up a Creek Without a Paddle
Place S1: 12th
Friends Kiki, Brick, Webly
Enemies Ichiro (possibly)
Hometown  ?
Played By Leshawnafan

Keyshia (The Attitude Queen) is a competitor on Fanny's IRC Camps. She was on the Dancing Ducks during the first season.


Season OneEdit

In Welcome To Pilot, Keyshia arrived to the game, confident of herself. She stated that she was here to simply win and make friends. Fanny, the host, said in reply to her statement that he thought that that was boring. Keyshia, not being afraid to state how she feels, warned Fanny that even though he was the host she wasn't afraid to put him in his place. As Fanny announced the teams, Keyshia found out she would be on the Dancing Ducks. Keyshia quickly bonded with Kiki, who seemed to share the same personality and attitude as her. Soon, Kiki, Keyshia, Brick, and Webly had formed an alliance even before the first challenge.


Audition TapeEdit


Dancing Ducks

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