Bouncing Bunnies
Gender Male
Eliminated S1: TBA
Place S1: TBA
Friends Angela, Flame
Enemies Elenore, Keyshia, Kiki
Hometown Hidden Leaf Village
Played By TotalDramaNaruto

Ichiro (The Spazzy Wolf) is a competitor on Fanny's IRC Camps. He is on the Bouncing Bunnies during the first season.


Season OneEdit

In Welcome To Pilot, Ichiro was the second contsetant introduced. He's quiet during the cast introductions, but facepalms at Rosalyn's stupidity. He is surprised to hear the name of his team, the Bouncing Bunnies, though quickly disregards it. He instantly makes friends with Angela, and later Flame, and they all create an alliance with each other. During the challenge, Ichiro gladly jumps off the and easily makes it to shore. When his team loses, he is angered by Elenore, who calls him and the rest of cast pathetic dogs. This greatly angers him and later, at the elimination ceremony, votes her off.

In The Mad Splatter, Ichiro was happy about getting the first marshamallow in the previous elimination ceremony. While getting breakfast with Angela and Flame, he is disgusted by the food and thinks it is some kind of mystery meat. During the challenge, Ichiro, Flame, and Angela are chosen to be the paintball shooters for their team. Throughout the challenge, Ichiro only manages to shoot Keyshia, though he shoots her many times. He cheers win his team wins and is quiet for the rest of the episode.

In Heck's Kitchen, Ichiro goes into the mess hall and happily greets Angela, calling her "Angie", and she retaliates saying that if he called her thaty again she would rip out his heart. This intimadates him and he is quiet until Fanny announces the challenge. During the eating challenge, Ichiro easily eats the sheep eyeballs in snail urine. He excitedly eats the worms with duck testicles and races Keyshia to finish it. He really gets excited when the next dish, maggots with dead frogs covered in condiments and oatmeal, is presented and, in the confessional, reaveles that he lives the lifestyle of a wolf and eats bugs for fun. He quickly finishes the dish and makes it into the final round with Candice. Ichiro happily eats the last dish, human feces, and when he sees that Candice finished first, he tries to make her trow up. When Kiki brings up Brick, Ichiro gets the idea to dress up in a brick costume, just like Brick, and convince Candice to throw up. Disgiused as Brick, he trys to convince Candice to throw up by promising to go out with her if she did, given her obvious attraction to Brick. It almost works, but then Keyshia and Kiki warn her that it's not Brick, but Ichiro in disgiuse, ruining his plan. His team ultimatly and later, at the elimination ceremony, he is in the bottom two with April and gets the final marshmallow.

Audition TapeEdit



  • This character entered the competition during the first day of roleplaying, not auditioning on Fanny's blog.
  • This character is based off the user's Naruto OC.
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