Heck's Kitchen
Season 1, Episode 3
Date Played August 11, 2011
Challenge Eat disgusting meals
Winner(s) Dancing Ducks
Eliminated April
Title Reference Hell's Kitchen
Episode Guide
"The Mad Splatter"
"Family Crude"


Fanny began the episode as he usually does, doing the recap from the last two episodes. During the middle of the episode, Rosalyn stumbled out to him, claiming not able to know where the bathrooms were. Alexis appears to and leads her off.

When everyone goes to eat breakfast, they learn that Brick drowned in the river again and was sent to the infirmary. Many contestants were sad to learn this. Even though most contestants are disgusted to eat the slop for breakfast, they eat it except for Char who throws it away. As he throws it away, Fanny immediately announces the next challenge, eating disgusting meals. The breakfast was the first round and everyone but Char passed.

Fanny announces the next round of disgusting food, sheep eyeballs marinated in escargot urine. Most contestants are grossed, but begin to eat. Fanny announces the first eight to finish their meal move onto the next round and some contestants eat even faster now.


User Role
Fanfiction2010 Fanny/Kiki/Ichiro
Tdi Alexis/Angela/April
Heather rocks Candice
Jake R Char/Jake
Vick0971 Flame/Tyker/Webly
Leshawnafan Keyshia
Jaxswim Rosalyn




Character Vote
Alexis Ichiro
Angela April
April Ichiro
Flame April
Ichiro April
Jake Rosalyn
Rosalyn Didn't Vote
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