Your wonderful host, Fanny.

Fanny's IRC Camps are basically what is says. It's an IRC Camp by Fanny. If you are currently in Fanny's IRC Camps, or just want to watch the juicy action and drama, it is held at Freenode on channel the FAN-IRC. On the marveulous date of July 16th, it was decided by Fanfiction2010 to host his own IRC Camps. Fanfiction2010 is currently in charge of Fanny's IRC Camps. The IRC Camps are held every Friday night at 7:00 Central Time and should usually end around 8:30 Central Time. If you have not read the Rules yet, Fanfiction2010 suggests you do just so you do not break any rules. Currently, Fanny's IRC Camps are on its first season.

Season OneEdit

Read all about the first season of Fanny's IRC Camps here.