Cast and charactersEdit


Cast of Deus Ex Machina
User Nickname Civilian Identity Role Season
Main cast
Reddude Reddy Sean Bureaucrat Main
Toadgamer80 Toad Zeke Bureaucrat Main
Fann Y. Fiction the 2010th Fanny Sam Author Main
BrunoSomebody Bruno Bruno Bureaucrat Main
Ben109 Ben Ben Author Main
JustLittleOlMe Jay  ? Administrator Main
Mister.. E. Mr. E Max Administrator Main
Mroddy Zac Zac Author Main
Owenandheatherfan OHF Jacob Administrator Main
Rhonda the stalker fan! Rhonda  ? Administrator Main
Sunshineandravioli Sunshine  ? Bureaucrat Main
Nalyd Renrut Nalyd Dylan Bureaucrat Main
Gideoncrawle Gideon  ? President Main
IHeartTDInTDA Sarah Sarah Author Main
SpaceWeather Space  ? Administrator Main
Fadingsilverstar16 Gigi  ? Bureaucrat Main
Recurring cast
1dra7 Dra Draven Author Recurring
Avery FireFlame Avery Avery Author Recurring
COKEMAN11 CK  ? Author Recurring
EnTrey Trey Matt Author Recurring
HerrMana Mana  ? Author Recurring
Shadowgeoff SG  ? Author Recurring
Sunslicer2 Sunny Gerard Author Recurring
That Epic Epic  ? Author Recurring
Thebiggesttdifan Dyna Greg Author Recurring
DJ Spenstar Spenny Spenser Former Administrator Guest
Goldenshane Shane Shane Former Administrator Guest
Kenzen11 Kenny Kenny Former Administrator Guest

Fanfictions FeaturedEdit

Fanfiction Main Characters Recurring Characters Guest Characters
Life After Lies Heather Noah Titiana


Chapter One: New CovenantEdit

Nalyd discovers strange and unexplained behavior in the WIki's most popular character; Fanny returns to work in light of a corporate scandal; Reddy struggles in trying to break his writer's block.

Chapter Two: XeniaEdit

A board meeting reveals a new upgrade coming soon to the Wiki; Reddy and Fanny attempt to rekindle their relationship; Gideon pulls the plug on an famous narrative. 

Chapter Three: The BreachEdit

Toad attempts to tweak Heather's narrative; Gideon and Nalyd attend a sponsor gala where they face large criticism;  Ben discovers a horror in The Deletion Log. 

Chapter Four: Münchhausen TrilemmaEdit

Gideon has to troubleshoot when a character goes rogue; Sarah and Zac are forced to confront their history; Toad finds a discrepency in the Wiki code.

Chapter Five: NoogenesisEdit

Heather takes the reigns in her own narrative; Bruno and Ben are recruited for a dangerous mission; Fanny plans a party at The Wiki that goes awry.

Chapter Six: MerakiEdit

An old bureaucrat returns to investigate the recent behavior of the characters. Gideon considers his next move to save The Wiki; Sunshine learns about a menacing threat. 

Chapter Seven: Freudian SlipEdit

Nalyd and Gideon discuss the future of The Wiki; Fanny looks to his old friends for some advice; Toad learns of an impending virus.

Chapter Eight: ElegyEdit

Gideon struggles with confronting his inner demons; Gigi and Fanny face an enemy from their past; Rhonda gives Heather an idea. 

Chapter Nine: God From The MachineEdit

Nalyd and Gideon reflect on their pasts; Heather builds a battalion; Bruno and Toad attempt to rewrite what's to come.

Chapter Ten: LegacyEdit

Heather sets her plan into motion; Reddy and Fanny confront their differences in order to work together; The Wiki faces a new upgrade.