The Dancing Ducks is one of the two teams (the other being the Bouncing Bunnies) in the first season of Fanny's IRC Camps. They consist of Brick, Char, Candice, Keyshia, Kiki, Ky, Tyker, and Webly.

Name Sex Rank voted out of team Rank voted out Episode voted off Reason voted off
Ky Male 1st 2nd The Mad Splatter His team thought that he surrendered too easily and did nothing to contribute to challenges.
Char Male 2nd 4th Family Crude He called everyone on his team a 'dumbass' and failed to pull his team together in the challenge, even though he claimed that trivia was his strongspot.
Keyshia Female 3rd 5th Up a Creek Without a Paddle She wanted to sleep throughout the challenge and her team considered her useless during the challenge.


  • Their team color is gold.