Dancing Ducks
Gender Female
Eliminated S1: TBA
Place S1: TBA
Relationship Brick (one-sided on her side)
Friends Brick, Webly, April
Enemies Kiki
Hometown Miami, Florida
Played By Heather rocks

Candice (The Nice Girl) is a competitor on Fanny's IRC Camps. She was on the Dancing Ducks during the first season.


Season OneEdit

In Welcome To Pilot, Candice arrives, but is silent because she wants to be polite. Candice first shows her attraction when Brick started to sink down the lake, so Candice tries to save him, but Webly stops her because he was lifeguard. Candice is shown to be happy win her team wins.

In The Mad Splatter, Candice reveals to Brick that she loves him. Later, Candice wanted to be a deer for the challenge and she got to be one, but eventully got out of the challenge. Her team loses the challenge, and at the elimination she votes off Kiki but Ky is eliminated and is sad to hear his dark secret.

In Heck's Kitchen, Candice eats her oatmeal in the morning, and Fanny reveals that the challenge is a disgusting eating contest. Candice past the first challenge, and heads to the second round. While waiting for the others to finish their meals, Candice forgives Kiki and Kiki accepts her apology. In the second round they eat worms with duck's testicales, Candice finishes the dish and moves on to the semi-final round. In the semi-final round they had to eat oatmeal with ketchup,mustard,relish,etc. Candice ate everything but the mustard, because she claimed that hated mustard. Candice came to her senses and ate the mustard, causing her to faint but is awaken by Kiki and she figures out that she was allergic to mustard. In the final rounds, Ichiro vs. Candice, they had to eat ice cre- poop. Candice automatically thinks it's ice cream, so she gulps it down but after she ate it she found out it was actually poop. Candice almost pukes, but is cheered on by Keyshia, and Kiki, so she doesn't pukes. Then, "Brick" ,A.K.A. Ichiro, tries to make her puke by saying that he'll go out with her but is told by Keyshia and Kiki that it isn't Brick she firgures it out and she doesn't puke. April is later voted out.

Audition TapeEdit

Candice: *a girl is shown in her room* Hello, my name is Candice and I'm really nice to people i can be shy at first but once I get to know more people I'll probably be more talkative I guess. So, anyways I hope you pick me to be in this show. *does a backflip*


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