Dancing Ducks
Brickfull body
Gender Male
Eliminated S1: TBA
Place S1: TBA
Relationship Kiki (attracted), Candice (one-sided on her side), April (one-sided on her side)
Friends April, Candice, Keyshia, Kiki, Ky, Webly
Enemies Boulder
Hometown BrickTown, Kansas, USA.
Played By Oatmeal-

Brick is labeled as the (Brick Cosplayer), he is a contestant on Fanny's IRC Camps. He was on the Dancing Ducks during the first season.


Season OneEdit

The first season has not started yet, so Brick has not made any appearance whatsoever besides his audition tape released on the online website.

Audition TapeEdit

Brick's Audition.Edit

Brick walks up to the brick wall, and starts talking; "Uh, hello. Me and my brick buddies want to be on your new show. Uh... we are bricks. I'm one of their kind, they are one of my kind. But yeah, the sky is so happy right?" The camera shifted the sky, "It seems so cheerful today! So yeah! You should let me in. Please? Yeah, so now.. this is a multiperson audition. My friend's right here." He pointed down at the bricks, "Here's Charlie!" He lifted up a brick.


Charlie's Audition?Edit

The brick laid there quietly. The wind pushed over the wall, and the bricks broke. You could then see Brick drop to his knee's crying and screaming, "NOOOO. WHY? WHY?" The end of the video cut to a memorial scene for Charlie.

Charlie's Memorial.Edit

Brick started to narrate, "Charlie.. he was a good man.... George was a good man.. Jessica was a good man... Alyssa was a VERY good female. She was so kind, caring. It's just like.. a pet dog that you have. But yeah." He continued talking with tears in his eyes, "I loved them. They were my best friends. So, all I have to say is... let me in IRC Camps. I have to advenge them."


Brick is seen stuffing tissues into his mouth. Then a scene cut to Brick's brother Boulder smashing all the bricks with his jack hammer. Brick tackled Boulder to the ground and started punching him, Boulder sat on him and Brick began to cry.


  • Oatmeal's insperation to make Brick was this song that was featured on Phineas and Ferb.
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