The Bouncing Bunnies is one of the two teams (the other being the Dancing Ducks) in the first season of Fanny's IRC Camps. They consist of Alexis, Angela, April, Elenore, Flame, Ichiro, Jake, and Rosalyn.

Name Sex Rank voted off of team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Elenore Female 1st 1st Welcome To Pilot Didn't jump off the cliff, but people sympathized Rosalyn because she got chicken seasoning in her eyes. Plus, she was a complete spoiled brat.
April Female 2nd 3rd Heck's Kitchen Became a lot more annoying in the challenge that day and let her team down in the challenge.
Flame Male 3rd 6th R.A.N.T. Farm He lost the challenge for his team when he blantly insulted Fanny's mom when he was supposed to complement her.
Angela Female 4th 7th Scaredy Brats Angela was thought of as a threat, and now that her alliance did not have the upper-hand, she was blindsided by her teammates.
Rosalyn Female 5th 8th Frosted Killa Beats Was eliminated when Ichiro told Jake to vote with him to vote Rosalyn because she was truly an idiot in a challenge. Rosalyn did not defend herself in the vote, as she voted for herself.


  • Their team color is 'yellowgreen'.