Bouncing Bunnies
Gender Female
Eliminated S1: Heck's Kitchen
Place S1: 14th
Friends Angela
Hometown  ?
Played By Zoomer72

April (The Goody Two-Shoes) is a contestant in Fanny's IRC Camps. She was on the Bouncing Bunnies during the first season.


Season OneEdit

In Welcome To Pilot, she arrived happily and scolded everyone who started to argue. Once she saw Brick, she claimed he was cute and she really wanted to be on his team. After being placed on the Bouncing Bunnies without Brick, she was saddened. She chose to share a bunk with Angela and was soon annoyed at Alexis. At the challenge, April didn't want to jump off the cliff because it was too scary so she sat out along with Rosalyn and Elenore. At the elimination, she tried to vote out Flame because she didn't know who to vote out claiming everyone was so nice. Elenore was then eliminated instead of Flame making April a little bit surprised.

In The Mad Splatter, she confessed that she was getting a negative vibe from herself and the camp after giving up love with Brick. She sat by Angela at breakfast and thought Alexis reffered to her as her best friend but was wrong once she announced she was talking about Rosalyn. At the challenge, April decided to be a deer for her team but made it clear she wouldn't give it her all to be fair to the other team. This didn't matter though because the other team didn't end up finding her in the end ultimately helping her team win the challenge.

In Heck's Kitchen,

Audition TapeEdit


Bouncing Bunnies

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