Bouncing Bunnies
Gender Female
Eliminated S1: TBA
Place S1: TBA
Friends Flame, Ichiro
Hometown Fountain Valley, CA
Played By Tdi

Angela (The Perky Girl) is a competitor on Fanny's IRC Camps. She was on the Bouncing Bunnies during the first season.


Season OneEdit

In Welcome To Pilot, Angela is one of the first to arrive to the island. While the contestants were mingling, she quickly becomes friends with Ichiro and later Flame. She is then put on the Bouncing Bunnies. She easily does the cliff diving challenge and later, at the elimination ceremony, votes off Elenore.

In The Mad Splatter, Angela, Ichiro, and Flame go to the mess hall together and are disgusted by the camp food. She is chosen to be one of the paintball shooters on her team and wins the challenge for her team by shooting the last deer on the Dancing Ducks, Candice.

Audition TapeEdit


Bouncing Bunnies

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