Bouncing Bunnies
Gender Female
Eliminated S1: TBA
Place S1: TBA
Friends Rosalyn
Hometown  ?
Played By Nduke

Alexis (The Nice Heiress) is a contestant in Fanny's IRC Camps. She was on the Bouncing Bunnies during the first season.


Season OneEdit

In the beginning of Welcome To Pilot, Alexis was the 13th contestant to arrive, Alexis did not participate in the challenge, due to the user having to leave the RP early.

In the beginning of The Mad Splatter, Alexis thought she owned the whole island, she was a deer in the challenge.

Audition TapeEdit

Alexis is shown paying a handsome teenager money to date her, kissing him on the lips, saying that she loves him. It turns out he's her boyfriend, Drake. She is the last teenager to be accepted.


  • Alexis has a boyfriend, Drake.
Bouncing Bunnies

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